A China Agenda for the Biden Administration: A Conversation with Professor Pamela Crossley

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Foreign Policy Association

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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
9:30 AM - 10:00 AM 
, NY
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Lecture / Panel  

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With a new the administration there is an opportunity to recalibrate US strategy for China to reflect today’s reality. Beginning 27 January 2021, and over the course of three months, leading experts from Asia, the EU, and the U.S. will converse with Polaris-Live host Sarwar Kashmeri, Fellow of the Foreign Policy Association, and Applied Research Fellow, Norwich University, about their thoughts regarding what should be key agenda items that they would propose to President Biden’s team.

Professor Pamela Crossley, Dartmouth College, will start off the conversations with a historical perspective about China’s actions and expectations during comparable times in the country’s long history.



Event Speakers

    • Pamela Crossley - Speaker
      Charles and Elfriede Collis Professor of History, Dartmouth College

      Pamela Crossley is a specialist on the Qing empire and modern Chinese history, and also researches and writes on Central and Inner Asian history, global history, the history of horsemanship in Eurasia before the modern period, and the imperial sources of modern identities. She is the author of eight books  (China's Global Empire: Qing, 1636-1912, forthcoming; Hammer and Anvil: Nomad Rulers at the Forge of the Modern World [2019], The Wobbling Pivot: China since 1800 [2010], What is Global History? [2008], A Translucent Mirror: History and Identity in Qing Imperial Ideology [1999], The Manchus [1997], and Orphan Warriors: Three Manchu Generations and the End of the Qing World [1990],  and co-author of two leading textbooks on global history (The Earth and its Peoples, 5th ed., 2012, and Global Society: The World since 1900, 3rd ed. 2012) and co-editor of Empire at the Margins:Culture, Ethnicity, and Frontier in Early Modern China [2006]. Shorter research works have appeared or will appear in The Cambridge History of ChinaThe Cambridge History of World Slavery, and The Cambridge History of Warfare, in scholarly journals including American Historical ReviewJournal of Asian Studies and Annales. Her work has  been awarded the Joseph R. Levenson Prize of the Association for Asian Studies (for a book in any discipline addressing China before 1800), the Dartmouth Award for Outstanding Scholarly or Creative Achievement (now the Karen Wetterhahn Award) and a Guggenheim fellowship among other honors.  Her article “Outside In: Power, Identity, and the Han Lineage of Jizhou” in Journal of Song-Yuan Studies, 2013, has recently been cited as one of the 15 best articles published in the journal in its 50 year history, the only article written by a specialist from outside the medieval Chinese history field. She has also been awarded the Jerome Goldstein Award for Distinguished Teaching. Crossley is an original appointee of the Dartmouth Society of Fellows.   


    • Sarwar Kashmeri - Moderator
      FPA Fellow, Author

      Sarwar Kashmeri is an international relations specialist, author, and commentator, noted for his expertise on U.S. global strategy and national security. He speaks frequently before business, foreign policy and military audiences. 

      “China’s Grand Strategy: Weaving a New Silk Road to Global Primacy,” (Praeger), his third book, was published in July 2019. It is a centennial book of the Foreign Policy Association where Sarwar is a Fellow. The book was released at a  Washington D.C. launch on 7 November 2019 featuring Kashmeri and former U.S. Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel.

      He is also an Applied Research Fellow of the Peace and War Center of Norwich University, Vermont, USA. He served a four year term as a non-residential Senior Fellow at the Brent Scowcroft Center for International Security of the Atlantic Council in Washington D.C.

      Kashmeri has hosted “China Focus,” a podcast series for the Carnegie Corporation of New York and has recently discussed China’s Belt and Road Initiative on television with Deutsche Welle, the German news network, and in a series of interviews with Xinhua, China’s global news agency.

      He is the author of the U.S. Army War College’s monograph, “NATO and the EU’s Common Security and Defense Policy; Intersecting Trajectories” and is a frequent guest speaker at the United States Military Academy/West Point. Kashmeri has appeared in well known publications including New York Times InternationalThe Guardian, U.S. News and World Report, Xinhua, and Global Times. His TV appearances include CNN, Sky News, Euronews, CSPAN, and Fox.  Formerly the CEO of a New York based international technology company, Kashmeri has also served as a communications advisor for several Fortune 100 companies.

      He earned a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and a M.S. in Engineering, both from Saint Louis University


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