Clash of Civilizations — or New World Disorder

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Foreign Policy Association

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Wednesday, March 12, 2003
5:30 PM - 8:00 PM 
Banco Santander Central Hispano
New York, NY
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Lecture / Panel  

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“Clash of Civilizations —or New World Disorder”

Speaker: Arnaud de Borchgrave, Editor-at-Large, United Press International

Presider: The Hon. John Train, Chairman, Northcote Parkinson Fund

Event Speakers

    • Arnaud de Borchgrave - Speaker
      Editor-at-Large, United Press International

      Arnaud de Borchgrave is the Editor-at-Large for United Press International, interviewing heads of state and government and commenting on the critical challenges of the 21st Century. As Newsweek’s Chief Foreign Correspondent, he covered most of the world’s major news events since joining the magazine in 1950. His awards include Best Magazine Reporting from Abroad, Best Magazine Interpretation of Foreign Affairs and three New York Newspaper Guild Page One Awards for foreign reporting. In 1981, de Borchgrave received the World business Council’s Medal of Honor and in 1985, he was awarded the George Washington Medal of Honor for Excellence in Published Works. de Borchgrave was Senior Associate at the Georgetown University Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) (1981-85) and Co-Editor of Early Warning (1983-85), a monthly intelligence bulletin. He was appointed Editor-in-Chief of the Washington Times and Insight magazine in 1985. In December 1998, de Borchgrave was named President and CEO of the United Press International. de Borchgrave continues his association with CSIS, where he directs the Transnational Threats Initiative (TNT), and The Times where he has served as Editor-at-Large since 1991. With an unparalleled expertise in foreign policy and international affairs, de Borchgrave keeps an active speaking schedule, regularly addressing key government agencies and advising major corporations on transnational threats.