Off-the-Record, an affiliate of the Foreign Policy Association, provides a lively forum for the discussion and analysis of America's global role in a shifting world order through sponsorship of independent daytime and evening lectures at private clubs and residences.  
Off-the-Record was launched in 1938 as a "for women only" organization for the purpose of offering talks to small audiences enabling speakers to speak frankly and openly, i.e., "off the record." Over the years, Off-the-Record has grown into a 600-member organization, comprised of both women and men, and yet the tradition of speaking "off the record" has been maintained.
Our 15-plus annual events reflect the viewpoints of leading speakers in the fields of government, politics, business, academia, think tanks, journalism and the arts. Recent past speakers have included John Micklethwait, CEO of Bloomberg News; Ian Bremmer, Founder and CEO of the Eurasia Group; Richard Haas, Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations; former General John Allen; Peter Galbraith, former American diplomat; and David Miliband, Chairman of the International Rescue Committee, among many others.
Upcoming speakers this fall will include Gideon Rose, Editor of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Abdulwahab al-Hajjri, the former Yemini Ambassador, and R. Nicholas Burns, professor at Harvard University and former American diplomat.
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