Great Decisions High School Resources

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Welcome to Great Decisions High School Resources! We at the Foreign Policy Association are excited to share this new initiative with you. For over 100 years, the Foreign Policy Association (FPA)—a non-partisan not-for-profit—has striven to foster awareness, understanding, and informed opinion on U.S. foreign policy and global issues. Foreign Policy Association proudly brings you the Great Decisions High School Program, where the focus is entirely on student voices, accomplishments, and curiosities.

With teens today intent on making their voices heard on a range of critical issues, we decided to provide additional Great Decisions resources for a high school audience. FPA has dedicated its resources towards developing informative and engaging articles, palatable for young minds, that not only opens their eyes to global issues, but also challenges them to debate the motives and merits of every side.

Some features of the Great Decisions Packet include:

  • New content updated bimonthly
  • Videos embedded in the article to deepen understanding
  • Key phrases word bank
  • Featured activists—both student and adult
  • Suggested debate topics
  • Reflection questions and assessment opportunities
  • Political cartoons for analyze with prompts
  • Engaging and discussion worthy infographics 

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on how you have used this resource in your classroom! Please e-mail us at [email protected]. Students can send their responses for the blog, comments, and questions, to [email protected]. We will be following up with a survey to learn how to better support you and your classroom.

As educators so often are, you are the backbone of this operation, and we invite you to share this first issue with other teachers and students. You can also watch our Great Decisions film series on YouTube.

Thank you for bringing us into your classroom this year, whether you’re in school physically or working remotely. We wish you luck in navigating this challenging year and hope we can support you and your classroom. View all the chapters here.