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America in the World: Visionaries Speak

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September 01, 2020
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A thought-provoking collection of op-ed style essays by leading policymakers and experts. Order your copy today.

“To be able to compete effectively with rising powers like China and resurgent nations like Russia, and to be able to do so with the confident optimism our country has always embodied, we must fix not only our diplomacy but also the domestic policies and practices that now divide and weaken us.  We have a constitutional democracy that history has shown can facilitate orderly change. To bring the immense talents and energies of the American people to bear on the unprecedented challenges our country now faces, we must adapt to new domestic as well as foreign realities.  We Americans have done this before.  And we can do it again 

Chas W. Freeman, Jr., Brown University 
“I would like to pose what I think is perhaps the most important question of our day: Is democracy dying? Earlier this year, I attended a conference that was full of economists, technologists, medical researchers, and policy experts. The host conducted an informal kitchen-sink, table-top kind of survey on this very question. By a show of hands, 85 percent of those in attendance thought that the answer is yes, indicating their worry that democracy is indeed dying.”   
Dambisa Moyo, International economist 
“Expanding understanding and informed dialogue on U.S. foreign policy challenges is more important than ever in today’s complicated and complex world. I am not here to make a speech about the current political scene, but I think it can be explained very clearly by a Will Rogers quote: “Politicians are like diapers. They need to be changed often and for the same reason.”                             
Sam Nunn, Nuclear Threat Initative 
“It is a big change to think about a university not only as a place of individual faculty members, schools, and disciplines doing their basic work, but also as an institution dedicated to having an impact on the world by engaging with the world and trying to develop solutions to problems. That’s a new mission for a university. If you ask what the missions of a university are, the response is always threefold: research, education, public service. It’s kind of volunteering: We should be out helping. This means engaging with the world. This means trying to find solutions.”          
Lee C. Bollinger, Columbia University