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Great Decisions 2019 DVD

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January 01, 2019
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David StrathairnNarrated by Academy Award nominated actor David Strathairn, Great Decisions in Foreign Policy brings you eight half-hour documentaries, each tackling a different challenge facing America today. The 2019 series features over 100 of the most important figures in international affairs and U.S. foreign policy.   Note: The DVD cannot be returned, all sales are final.     Download the press kit.


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Episode Descriptions:

# 1001 Walled Off: Global Migration

Migration has become a hot political issue in Europe and the U.S. as hundreds of thousands of people fleeing conflict and poverty try to find sanctuary in more stable nations.  Despite the heated rhetoric, migration is nothing new – previous migration waves have helped shape the world we live in.  Is migration something that should be thwarted, or simply better-managed?

#1002 Regional Disorder: The Middle East
The Middle East is in turmoil. Almost a decade after the Arab uprisings; civil wars, failed states, and political repression characterize the region. Amidst this chaos global and regional powers are competing for influence. Washington must consider whether America's historical interests in the region are shifting.

#1003 Rethinking the Nuclear Framework
For decades, agreements like the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty have limited the spread of nuclear weapons and the destruction they can cause. But the existing nuclear order is now facing challenges from countries like North Korea and Iran – Great Decisions explores “The New Nuclear Deal.”


#1004 Turning the Tide: Populism in Europe
The  European Union was founded as a bold experiment in free trade with an internal market and shared rules that brought together more than two dozen nations.  But the 2008 financial crisis compounded by the ongoing immigration crisis has fueled a resurgent nationalism that threatens to pull the EU apart.


#1005 Out of Balance: Trading with China
The world’s two most powerful countries are locked in an economic standoff, marked by escalating rhetoric and billions of dollars in retaliatory tariffs. Join us as we assess the health of an unbalanced partnership, explore how global institutions can remain relevant in a changing world, and ask whether a trade agreement between China and the United States could prove the ultimate test for a president who takes pride in his ability to conclude a deal. A closer look at the American trade relationship with China.


#1006 Made in China

China has launched an aggressive new plan to transform its economy into a high-tech global powerhouse. But the initiative has the U.S. and a host of other nations crying foul, accusing China of disregard for intellectual property, unfair trade practices, discrimination against foreign firms, and cyber espionage. Great Decisions explores what it “Made in China” means today.


#1007 A Tested Relationship: The U.S. and Mexico

The U.S. relationship with Mexico has been in the spotlight in recent months because of the politically sensitive issue of immigration - plus strong rhetoric from the Trump administration. As neighbors, however, the two nations have a shared-interest in stopping cross-border crime, while keeping the doors open to trade --- issues that have helped shape discussions as both sides revisit their trading relationship.

#1008 The State of the State Department
Diplomats have been described as the “first line of defense” for the United States to ensure security for its citizens and to advance American economic interests overseas. But the US Department of State is facing new challenges as some in Washington have begun to question how America should approach the world. Great Decisions explores “The future of American diplomacy.”