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Texas, New York, LA

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Year founded: 2023
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Valuable thoughts for After-Work or After-Career

Looking back... who was at the cradle of your career? Who was that person that inspired you the way you're now and your worklife? Have you been able to tell this person and your appreciation...?

As a non-commercial international writers collective BioPic4Ever we would like to offer our biography services for the selected group Retirement or After Career in FPA.

We ghostwrite and -film BioPics for the elder group who would like to have their Life and Career Story captured as the way they would like to be remembered forever. Memories and highlights that may never fade into oblivion. 

So don't need to be Michael Jackson or Steve Jobs to have your own BioPic.

We offer BioPic4Life biographies for Consolation and BioBizzPics for those who retire or are going to.     In combination with a discussion group, Precious stories for the off-spring and generations to follow and participate people.

Ernst Daniel Nijboer