Great Decisions Discussion Group

Global Issues - Dominican Univ. OLLI Program

Location: need a zoom account
San Rafael, CA 94901
Location notes:

We are currently meeting via zoom.  At some point we may resume meeting on the Dominican Univ. campus in San Rafael, but currently participants prefer the zoom format.   Hope to see you there, we will accept participants from anywhere else in the U.S. or around the globe.  Seeking to bring together a diversified set of perspectives.

Year founded: 2021
Accepting participants: Yes
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 630-235-4210
Meeting Schedule:

We are linked to Dominican University's OLLI program San Rafael, CA.  Our meetings are currently virtual (zoom).  We meet on Wednesdays from 4pm (PDT) to 5:30pm.  We will follow the sequence in the Great Decision periodical:


   Changing Demographics In the World

   Outer Space Policy

   The Renewed Climate Change Agenda

   Putin's Russia

   Myanmar's Neverending Crisis

   Xi's China Takes On the Quad

   No End In Sight: A Century of Drug Wars

   Foreign Policy, Economic Power, and U.S. Industrial Policy

   Biden Foreign Policy In An Age of Strategic Competition