Great Decisions Discussion Group

Great Decisions 2017

Location: P.O. Box 28
Chautauqua, NY 14722-0028
Location notes:

The Special Studies listing for Week 3 will show the locale,hour & cost..  Come meet me Sunday afternoon, along with other Special Stuies leaders.  Monday thru Friday, July 10-14,, we will focus on the topics most of interest to you (and others in our group) choosing among the following:

The Middle East, Geopolitics of Energy, Saudi Arabis, European Union, Trade policy, South China Sea, Latin America, Afghanistan/Pakistan & Nuclear Security..

Year founded: 1900
Accepting participants: Yes
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 254-772-5572
Website: http://google Chautauqua New York
Meeting Schedule:

Chautauqua is a remaarkable locale set in upstate New York near Buffalo.  A wide range of activities are on offer includeding a number of 'Special Studies of which Great Decisions 2017 is one.


Great Decisions is the largest and oldest adult education program on the major challenges facing Ameerican foreign policy.  Topics for 2017 are listed below.  Each topic includes brief readings, a video and lots of discussion.  .