Dame Jillian Sackler Distinguished Lecture: Contagion in the Era of Globalization

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Monday, November 7, 2011
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM 
New York Academy of Medicine
1216 Fifth Avenue
at 103rd st.
New York, NY
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Lecture / Panel  

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Post-Event Summary:

Addressing “Contagion in the Era of Globalization,” interestingly, Dr. Jo Ivey Boufford focused primarily on the non-medical meaning of “contagion” – namely, the spread of influence. An important question for health in an increasingly globalized world, the New York Academy of Medicine’s President asked  “What is a desirable and affluent lifestyle?” U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s focus on health, education and women as a form of “soft diplomacy” was noted as an important factor in this question.

Health is fundamental to the economic and social development of societies, Boufford pointed out, adding that this was not well understood until roughly a decade ago. Looking to the future, Boufford outlined three key areas for global health:

  1. Broader determinants of health (EG behavioral and environmental)
  2. Urbanization
  3. Aging

Increasingly, Boufford noted, donors are recognizing the shortcomings in the current models. The vast majority of health investment is spent on personal healthcare for example. Dr. Boufford suggested perhaps the greatest challenge then, is creating a vision for international health and development donors, which is grounded in the three above-mentioned areas. Important opportunities are approaching, whereby a more “intersectoral” approach can be institutionalized – at Rio+20 in June for example but also through a revision of the UN Millennium Development Goals and an increased role for the World Bank and regional bodies.

If we stay only focused on personal healthcare, Boufford warned, we miss an enormous opportunity for the advancement of global health. As witnessed by the recently adopted UN Declaration on the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases in September, an intersectoral approach is the future of global health policy.

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Part I: Introduction by Michael Hodin


Part II: Remarks by Dr. Jo Ivey Boufford


Part III: Q&A


Event Speakers

    • Dr. Jo Ivey Boufford - Keynote Speaker

      Jo Ivey Boufford, MD, is President of The New York Academy of Medicine. Dr. Boufford is Professor of Public Service, Health Policy and Management at the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at New York University School of Medicine. She served as Dean of the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service at New York University from June 1997 to November 2002. Prior to that, she served as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) from November 1993 to January 1997, and as Acting Assistant Secretary from January 1997 to May 1997. While at HHS, she served as the U.S. representative on the Executive Board of the World Health Organization (WHO) from 1994–1997.

    • Dr. Jo Ivey Boufford