The Future of the Korean Peninsula (Video)

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Thursday, October 6, 2016
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM 
Harvard Club
35 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036
New York, NY
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Lecture / Panel  

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Noel Lateef


Dr. Jaechun Kim


Kim Jong-hoon


Dr. Sue Mi Terry


Ambassador Gheewan Kim


Panel Discussion


Event Speakers

    • Dr. Jaechun Kim
      Professor, Sogang University

      Dr. Jaechun Kim is a professor at the Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) at Sogang University.  He is also director of the Sogang Institute of International and Area Studies.  He served as the Dean of Sogang GSIS from 2010 to 2013.  Dr. Jaechun Kim is a political scientist trained at Yale University (MA in International Relations; M.Phil. in Political Science; Ph.D. in Political Science). Before joining GSIS at Sogang University, he worked at Yale University as lecturer for the Department of Political Science and Yale Center for the International and Area Studies (YCIAS).  In 2014 he joined the Presidential Committee for Unification Preparation. He has been advising the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea as a member of the Policy Advisory Board since 2006.  He was a Fulbright visiting fellow to the Sigur Center for Asian Studies at George Washington University (2009) and a visiting professor to the Graduate School of International Studies at Denver University (2005). He was the moderator for Arirang TV’s In Focus where he and panelists discuss Northeast Asia security issues from 2012-2014. Earlier in his career, he had worked for the National Assembly of Korea as legislative assistant and the Bankers Trust Company as credit analyst.  His research interests include International Security, US Foreign Policy, Northeast Asia Regional Affairs, and Inter-Korean Relations. His recent publications deal with the ROK-US security alliance, Korea’s role in global governance, and the impact of Korean War on the US military policy.

    • H.E. Kun Goh
      Chairman of Green Asia Organization, Former Prime Minister


      2014. 3 -present        Chairman of Green Asia Organization

      2009.12-2010.12                Chairman of Presidential Committee on Social Cohesion

      2008. 2-present        Emeritus Chair of the Board of Directors of Climate Change Center

      2004.11-present              Member, Board of Trustees of Syracuse University

      2004.9 -present                       Member, Advisory Council of Transparency International

      2004.3.-2004.5                                Acting President and Prime Minister of Korea

      2003.2.-2004.5                            Prime Minister of Korea

      2002.8.-2003.2                        Chairperson of Transparency International Korea

      1998.7-2002.6             Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan Government (elected)

      1997 – 1998                Prime Minister of Korea

      1996 – 1997                Co-President of Korea Federation for Environment Movement

      1994 – 1997                President of Myong Ji University

      1988 – 1990                Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan Government (appointed)

      1987                            Minister of Home Affairs

      1985 – 1988                A Member of the 12th National Assembly

      1981 – 1982                Minister of Agriculture and Marine Affairs

      1980 – 1981                Minister of Transportation

      1980                            The Chief Adviser of the Korea Research Institute for Human


      1979 – 1980                Chief Secretary of Political Affairs to the President

      1975 – 1979                Governor of the Jeonnam Province

      1973 – 1975          Director-General of the Bureau of Local Government and Administration on the New Village Movement, Ministry of Home affairs

    • Dr. Chong Wook Chung
      Vice Chairperson, Korean Unification Preparatory Committee

      Dr. Chong Wook Chung, after a brief teaching career in the United States in the mid-1970s, has for over sixteen years taught at his alma mater, Seoul National University, where he also served as Director of Center for International Studies.  In 1993, he joined the government, first as Senior Secretary for National Security and Foreign Policy to President Kim Young Sam and later as Korean Ambassador to the People's Republic of China.  He was President of the Korean Association for the Study of Socialist Systems, senior member of the Presidential Commission for the 21st Century, and advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry of Unification, and Ministry of National Defense.  He is currently an emeritus professor of political science and international studies at Seoul National University, and a distinguished professor at Incheon National University.  In July 2014, he was appointed as Vice Chairman of Presidential Committee for Unification Preparation; President Park Geun-hye is the Chair of the Committee.  Also, along with the Prime Minister he co-chairs the Commission to Commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Korea.  He has written extensively on foreign and security affairs, particularly on China-related issues.  His publications included Maoism and Development, Major Powers and Peace in Korea, and Korea's Options in a Changing International Order.  He obtained a doctorate degree in political science from Yale University in 1975. 

    • Mr. Un Shin
      President, Institute for National Security Strategy

      Prior to joining the Institute for National Security Strategy as President on July 18, 2016, Mr. Un Shin served the government as Korean Ambassador to Pakistan (2007-2010). He has also been engaged in Foreign Service as First Secretary in the Korean Embassy in Washington, D.C. (1987), Minister in Permanent Mission of ROK to the United Nations (1998) and Minister of the Korean Embassy in the U.S. (2003). He worked at the office of the President (the Blue House) as foreign press officer for eight and half years (1977-1985) before joining the Foreign Service.  After his retirement from the government in 2010, he took his career to the private sector as advisor to Lotte Chemical Corp. (2011) and became independent director to the BOD at SK Innovation Co., Ltd. (2013).  Currently, Mr. Un Shin is a member of the Presidential Committee for Unification Preparation with his capacity as the president of the Institute for National Security Strategy.  President Un Shin graduated from Seoul National University with B.A. in Linguistics and completed courses in International Relations at the Graduate School of the Seoul National University.  Mr. Un Shin was born on February 15, 1951 in Busan. He is married with two sons.

    • Mr. Jong-Hoon Kim
      Former Minister for Trade

      Mr. Jong-Hoon Kim started his public career by joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1974. During his thirtyseven year career serving as a Korean diplomat, he served missions in France, Burkina Faso, Canada, the United States, Geneva and San Francisco. Mr. Jong-Hoon Kim was the Minister for Trade for four and a half years. During his tenure he concluded free trade agreements (FTAs) with India, the EU, Peru and the U.S..  He was elected and served as a member of the 19th National Assembly (the ruling Saenuri Party) from May 2012 to May 2016. He was a member of the Trade, Industry and Energy Committee. He also assumed the chairmanship of the International Relations Committee of the Saenuri Party. At present, he serves as a Senior Advisor at KITA.  Mr. Jong-Hoon Kim earned his business administration degree from Yonsei University in 1978. He is married and has one son. His hobbies include paragliding, kite boarding and motorcycling. 

    • Ambassador Gheewan Kim
      Consul General of the Republic of Korea

      • Gheewhan Kim began his post as the Consul General of the Republic of Korea in New York on April 7, 2015. Prior to his appointment, he served as the Minister for Economic Affairs at the Korean Embassy in Washington, DC from August 25, 2011 to April 2, 2015.

          His previous other duties include Director-General for Multilateral Trade in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, dealing with WTO, APEC, OECD and G20 Trade matters. He was a senior official and a chief negotiator for various WTO Doha Development Agenda negotiations, including services and fishery subsidies. Mr. Kim was also involved in FTA matters as Deputy Director-General of the FTA Policy Bureau and was chief negotiator in the Korea-Japan FTA resumption talks.


          As Head of Legal Service, Mr. Kim was responsible for WTO dispute settlement at the Ministry, where he successfully challenged countervailing measures imposed by Japan and the EU against Hynix DRAM semiconductors. He also served as Head of the Task Force for Hosting the 2012 Yeosu International Exposition.


          Since joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1983, Mr. Kim has served at various overseas posts, including the Embassy in Muscat, Oman, and the Korean Mission in Geneva, Switzerland. He worked as Counselor at the Embassies in the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation.


          Mr. Kim served as Director for Supporting North Korean Refuges at the Ministry of National Unification. Also, he served as the Coordinator at the ASEM Vision Group Secretariat, which helped 26 Wise Men of Asia and Europe prepare a vision report on Asia-Europe relations in 1999. In 2008, he was awarded a Public Service Merit Medal. He completed military service as Lieutenant at the Judge Advocate General’s Office and at the Fleet Command of the Korean Navy.