The U.S. and North East Asia: A New Era Beckons

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Foreign Policy Association

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Wednesday, October 3, 2001
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM 
Bar Association of the City of New York
New York, NY
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Lunch / Dinner  

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Off-the Record Lecture Series event

Presider: Anne Sitrick, OTR Board of Governors

Event Speakers

    • Donald P. Gregg - Speaker
      Chairman of the Board of The Korea Society


      Donald P. Gregg is Chairman of the Board of The Korea Society in New York City. Following graduation from Williams College in 1951, he joined the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and over the next quarter century was assigned to Japan, Burma, Vietnam and Korea. Mr. Gregg was seconded to the National Security Council staff in 1979, where he was in charge of intelligence activities and Asian policy affairs.


      In 1982, he was asked by then Vice President George Bush to become his national security advisor. He then retired from the CIA, and was awarded its highest decoration, the Distinguished Intelligence Medal. During his six years with Vice President Bush, Mr. Gregg traveled to 65 countries. Between 1980-89, Mr. Gregg also served as a professorial lecturer at Georgetown University, where he taught a graduate level workshop entitled “Force and Diplomacy”.


      From September 1989, Mr. Gregg served as Ambassador to Korea for three and a half years. Prior to his departure from Korea in 1993, Mr. Gregg received the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service, an Honorary Degree from Sogang University, and a decoration from the Prime Minister of Korea.


      In March 1993, Mr. Gregg retired from a 43-year career in the United States government and assumed his current position. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Recent awards include an Honorary Degree from Green Mountain College (1996), the Secretary of Defense Medal for Outstanding Public Service (2001) and Williams College's Kellogg Award for career achievement (2001).