2011 World Leadership Forum Dinner, Foreign Minister of Greece

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Foreign Policy Association

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Monday, September 19, 2011
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM 
The Pierre Hotel
2 East 61st Street
at Fifth Avenue
New York, NY
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Lunch / Dinner  

Event Transcripts and Video

The Foreign Policy Association hosted this year’s World Leadership Forum Dinner with keynote speaker Stavros Lambrinidis, Foreign Minister of Greece. Ms. Lambrinidis took on the issue of sovereign debt in Europe and the U.S., focusing on Greece’s own dramatic fiscal struggles. Walking through the events leading up to and during the European financial crisis, Mr. Lambrinidis described the international and regional responses to Greece’s default woes, and highlighted the austerity measures taken to defend the Euro zone.

”Greece will survive and Greece will reach its absolute potential again, because it is a very rich country that was very poorly managed for a few years; but it is not a poor country”

Mr. Lambrinidis also tackled the criticism placed on Greece and Europe in this time of economic hardship. He offers policy suggestions and urges the U.S. and Europe to adopt fiscal measures that will alter an unjust and untenable system. Watch the video to learn more about Greece’s financial standing and hear Mr. Lambrinidis unique viewpoint on the future of sovereign debt.

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Remarks by Greek Foreign Minister Stavros Lambrinidis


Question and Answer with Greek Foreign Minister Stavros Lambrinidis


Event Speakers

    • Stavros Lambrinidis - Keynote


      Stavros Lambrinidis was born in Athens, Greece, in 1962. He studied Economics and Political Science at Amherst College, USA (B.A. degree, 1984) and Law at the Yale Law School (J.D. degree, 1988).
      In June 2004 Mr. Lambrinidis was elected Member of the European Parliament (MEP) with the Greek Social Democratic Party (PASOK) and since April 2005 he   headed the PASOK Delegation to the European Parliament.
      In July 2009 he was elected Vice-President of the European Parliament, in charge of the Bureau's International Relations and the Parliament's Communications Policy in the EU 27 member-states and abroad. He is also responsible for the Bureau's Transatlantic Relations and for relations with International Organizations such as the United Nations. In April 2011 he became Co-Chair of the European Parliament special Working Group for the reform of the Codes of Conduct for MEPs and lobbyists.